It is easy to become a member of WINBET88 online entertainment. What you need to do is to follow the steps below.


Step 1: Register an Account


You need to register an account with WINBET88 in order to start betting.

  1. Click on JOIN NOW button at our homepage.

  2. Fill in the information, and make sure all details filled are correct.

  3. Please press "PROCEED" button, the information will be send to your email.

  4. Members can enjoy the game immediately.

Step 2: Deposit


After you have an account with WINBET, you may start to make deposit and betting with your member account at WINBET.

  1. Click on the deposit button after you log in to your WINBET account.

  2. Select the bank you wish to deposit to.

  3. Deposit to the bank you select and make sure the holder name and account number is correct.

  4. Fill in the deposit details and submit.

  5. You will receive the new product details at inbox and credit will add to the product.

  6. Log in to the product with the details given and start enjoy betting.


Step 3: Transfer


You may transfer your credit among the products.

  1. Click on the transfer button.

  2. Choose the product you wish to transfer from and to.

  3. Key in the credit you wish to transfer and makes sure your account have sufficient credit.

  4. Check your deposit status at the transaction history.


Step 4: Withdraw


You may withdraw your credit anytime you want.

  1. Click on the withdraw button.

  2. Choose the product you wish to withdraw the credit.

  3. Key in the credit you wish to withdraw.

  4. You withdrawal will process no longer than 24 hours, subjected to the banking availability.

  5. Check your withdrawal status at the transaction history.